Adhikar Mindset Change ProgrammeSpecifically designed for Asian women.

In Urdu “Adhikar” means “Your Right” or “Your Entitlement”. It is ‘your right’ and ‘your entitlement’ to develop, to be socially included, to be respected and to be unique.

Together, we strive to:

  • Invite & Engage
  • Retain & Enrich
  • Money & Work
  • Overcome/Empower & Plan

Throughout the Adihikar Mindset Change Programme, you will:

  • Develop Self-Worth & Confidence
  • Understand Your Barriers
  • Identify Suitable Peer Support
  • Understand Your Vision, Values & Goals
  • Improve your Literacy, Numeracy & ICT Skills
  • Be Fully Prepared for the World of Work
  • Thrive
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Adhikar Mindset Change ProgrammeAdhikar Sucess Stories

“Thank you so much to everyone, giving me the best time ever!

This has been the best time of my life!

You are all great.

Hope to keep in touch”


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