Employers…Why work with us?

Well, we are a free, no catch, effective, Recruitment and Networking Service

You heard right!! In life when something is free. Expectation is often low. Not here at Pathway2work. You will receive a zero cost, fruitful recruitment solution.

Pathway2work has expertise in vacancy matching the right person, with the right skill set, to the right job. To ensure sustainable, long term employment.

We offer skills training of potential recruits and improve the skills of your existing workforce. Allowing your business to become more productive and profitable more quickly.

Networking – we host over 130 networking events annually supporting over 8,000 businesses. Join our invite list at https://www.facebook.com/Pathway2grow/

In 2018 an Employer Survey commissioned by ESFA showed 87% of our Employers “would recommend us to others”

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