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The DWP DPS or Dynamic Purchasing system is the Department for Work & Pension’s new system for managing suppliers and any providers. DPS contracts are awarded locally and the system is designed to significantly reduce any time and cost in putting together tenders for contracts.

The whole idea is to make Government contracts more accessible to small and medium sized businesses.

Pathway2work for employers
Examples of our activity as below:

We have a programme that seeks to deliver a bespoke and tailored routeway to support customers who have little or no computer skills, to navigate the Universal Credit System to make a claim and use the system to its full.

However, the main part is supporting customers back into work. Our course is a real-time, where we will support them to learn how to use digital media working their way up to taking part in an on-line course to upskill and prepare claimants to get a job. On-going support -The customer will also have regular 1-2-1 contact to support them to apply for vacancies and complete an Action Plan. Where possible where we have Employer relationship, we will support online virtual interviews. All customers will have ongoing support throughout the 13 weeks. Once in Employment we will support them in the transition period up to 6 weeks. Details and evidence of how our provision will ensure that the claimant will move closer to work/ move into work or remain in work.


Pathway Group have been successful delivering our Adhikar™  programme – a mindset change programme specifically designed for BAME women. programme under DPS contracts in both East and West Midlands and seeking to offer this other job centre districts in the North West and Greater London regions.

In addition to Adhikar we have over 40 offers available ranging from targeting executives, neets, virtual coaching and many back to work programmes and sector routeway programmes which we have come to be known for.

Pathway Group are embedded in certain local communities, we fully believe in supporting the development of individual growth, skills development and sustainable employment.

We have delivered on numerous projects, assisting and upskilling the unemployed including ex-offenders, care leavers and refugees. All these contracts were all delivered successfully achieving all set targets and revenue. This includes delivery to over 5,000 individuals and over 3,000 progressions into employment/training.

We are always open to discussing with Jobcentre leads in creating packages and discussing our offers to ensure that any DPS funding is wisely targeted on the intended groups and outcomes are delivered in the right way.


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