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Restart Scheme

intensive and tailored support

Restart programme is there to support frontline services and to enable government via DWP and providers like ourselves to deliver on the government’s Plan for Jobs to support people back into work and this first contract which has been procured from the CAEHRS framework.

The Restart programme seeks to provide intensive and tailored support to people who have spent between 12- and 18-months claiming Universal Credit under the intensive work search activity strand.

Participants will be on programme for 1 year and key performance metrics will include employment outcomes as well as a range of customer service standards. Restart is a predominantly a payment by results model to drive sustainable employment. Pathway Group are proud to be working with lead providers to deliver on these outcomes.

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Pathway Group are always open to lead providers who take a collaborative approach to partnership.  We are always keen to learn what the leads require and what they value in a collaborative relationship.

We have been operating in the welfare to work sector for many years and have experienced examples of activity that works well and the kind of financial and non-financial support lead providers offer to their delivery networks.

Value adding too is at the centre of our offer as a service delivery model. We want to ensure that our we contribute by having effective local networks of employers, contacts with other stakeholders and have an awareness of other delivery partners that will support participants on Restart to access services and jobs in an integrated way.

Social value

profit for purpose

Pathway is a profit for purpose business and was established to bring together the best of the private and third sector that delivers real economic and social value. We have many examples of how in our current or past contract delivery we have delivered social value above and beyond the requirements of our contract. We always strive to help our leads and stakeholders to deliver on social values ad are always seeking to align our values and approach.

We have worked on a number of contracts that have an implementation period ranging from 3 weeks to 9 weeks between contract commencement and the intended service delivery.

We have experience mobilising in short timeframes and aware of factors that often will either enhance or obstruct us to deliver within the required timeframes.

We aim to ensure that we contribute effectively to any delivery network and deliver in the most innovative and effective way deliver Restart programme.

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