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Mark Smith


My word is my bond. I believe in creating trusted partnerships. I do this by listening, questioning, understanding and then delivering. “I do, what I say I am going to do, when I say I’m going to do it.” With honesty, passion and integrity, whilst keeping customers at the heart of what I do. I’ll let you know about the ups and downs along the way and I’ll be contactable when you need me. I am open and honest and determined to add value in everything I do. I am always interested in creating trusted partnerships with Funders, Employers, Job Seekers and Communities. Let’s have a chat and see how we can help each other.

P.s – When not meeting with stakeholders, employers and customers. You’ll most likely find me on the golf course.

Safaraz Ali


Safaraz (Saf) is the CEO and founder of Pathway Group and has therefore naturally been here since day dot. He has led the organisation through the journey over the last 18 years, Saf believes the organisation has evolved because it is opportunity led and relationship driven.

Alan Hill


Alan is our Chair of Pathway Group. Alan’s forte is funding and contracts. He leads on governance for the organisation and is fully supportive of the vision for the company and recognises that building long term partnerships and strategic alliances is the way for businesses to move forward. Alan loves travelling in his motorhome and reading about history.

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